B-finder added features: fire department and rescue operation

By using 360° thermal video monitoring, B-finder system is multi-tool for detection and tracking of different phenomena. Added features are useful not only for wind power industry and environmental monitoring but also for fire department and rescue operation.

The wind turbines are often located in the middle of nowhere. At the same time, agriculture landscapes, grasslands and forests cover huge area, for example ca. 90% of European Union. Because of low human population density, detection of fire in such places is difficult and the time of rescue operation delayed. B-finder can cover the gap, providing 24h monitoring and information useful not only for wind farm fire protection but also for general fire monitoring and other hazards early detection. B-finder helps protect property and human lives by:

  • fire detection;
  • traffic accidents detection;
  • natural hazards detection.

Movie 1. B-finder fire detection. This video is a sample raw video from only one of sensors covered 360° around wind turbine tower.