B-finder system test drive

posted on October 8, 2019


Our followers from wind power industry and research often ask about the reliability of B-finder system. As long as B-finder is global innovation, such questions are justified. This text shows, that B-finder you can test so simple like a new car during the test drive. Here we go.

Your doubts can concern the hardware and the software. Both of them have been the subjects of the two years test of the prototype in real conditions. The quality of the hardware, as well the stability of the software, is ensured by the maintenance service. All B-finder models conform with essential requirements of Directives: 2014/30/EU, 2014/35/EU, 2014/53/EU and 2011/65/EU according to EU Declaration of Conformity and independent auditor ICR Polska Co. Ltd. inspection.

Many of you are asking for the detection parameters. To give proof of B-finder operation (detection of collision victimns and the accurancy of carcass location on  the ground) we prepared a procedure during the assembly acceptance protocol. This procedure goes on only few hours. We can repeat it in different weather conditions. This is a standard step in B-finder installation and calibration procedure. We are testing the system after the assembly in assistance of the customer staff. We are performing the test for every new B-finder unit. Such test includes series of airdrops of objects from different highs and in different distance from the wind tower (corresponding to the falls of collision victims). We are using drones for the test. During the test you see the results directly in the computer.  So you will see if the objects throw from the drone are detected in the B-finder system and you will see the precision of the location of the carcass showed in the system.


Movie. 1. Sample of one simulation during the operation test of B-finder system.

If you are interested such “test drive” before you buy B-finder for your project, we invite you to our prototype test field, where we can perform the test special for you. Just contact us: info@b-finder.eu and book the date.

Like you can see,  the reliability is easy to test directly. If the results of the tests are not fulfill the parameters we ensure, you don’t sign the assembly acceptance protocol. The above described procedure and the previous sentence especially, are in my opinion the best confirmation of  the reliability of B-finder system. We don’t afraid to put B-finder system to the proof.

Having test procedure as integral part of the assembly procedure, you don’t need to conduct long-time validation study to be sure that your system works correctly. You know it at once.


B-finder CEO