R&D report for B-finder T-series

posted on November 26, 2019


We are proud to share the results of 24 month tests of B-finder technology, T-series (configurations TB50, TB100, TBSN50, TBSN100, TBS50 and TBS100). This Report presents the results of various experiments performed between 11.11.2017 and 11.11.2019 .

B-Finder System. 24 month test report for T-series. EMPEKO S.A. 2019  is the first public presentation of the results of B-finder prototype of T-series tests in real conditions. Enjoy!


The prototype of T-series is still in operation. The results of the tests performed during the first two years of the operation are described in this paper. Long tests in real conditions gave us information about the hardware endurance as well as the opportunity to perform series of tests for the software configuration and development. Finally, we have tested detection of objects in different environmental conditions. To prove the technology, 1274 simulations of dead bats and birds falling down had been performed in different weather conditions, at air temperature ranging from -5°C to 33°C, in rain, snow and fog, during day and night.

We made every effort to show you the science behind B-finder technology. In case of any queries please contact us: info@b-finder.eu.


B-finder Team